Dear Friend:

We have taken on so many items this time around that we thought we would divide the catalog into easy-to-read sections. So please see the sections listed to the right on page 3 for your reference. Please also check out our pricing. As a supplier of goods, I’m sure you want to seek out the widest selection at the best prices you can fi­nd. Franmara understands this. Our main focus is on corkscrews, barware, and wine and cheese accessories. The line grows ever wider in these fi­elds. A high priority here is to keep plenty of inventories on hand for you to pull from. The range, particularly in corkscrews, is the largest selection available anywhere. Modularack® quality wine racks are now stocked by Franmara. This impressive line from Australia is widely sold in over 60 countries and has been around for 35 years. Barware items have broadly increased as well. Wine accessories or goods “in service of wine” have also grown including the much celebrated marriage between wine and cheese. Our line of cheese accessories has also doubled with this catalog. This catalog is dedicated to the loving memory of Marie, Franmara’s co-founder and tireless supporter. Marie is the “mara” in Franmara.

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